Looking for a Career in Education?

We believe….

…in students who are bursting with endless potential

…in educators who are dedicated to excellence

…in schools that prove what is possible

…in a New Paradigm For Education

You may be a NPFE educator if…

You are relentless about academic achievement and continuous growth.

  • Year over year, NPFE schools outperform DPSCD and other Detroit charter networks, with NPFE’s flagship school, Detroit Edison Public School Academy, outperforming the state average.  Throughout our network, we promote a college-ready culture with 80% of our students applying to college at a 100% acceptance rate.


You want to work in a rigorous, supportive environment.

  • Teaching is hard.  Teaching to transform is even harder.  It requires passion, dedication, flexibility, and skill, but it does not have to be done alone.  All NPFE educators receive access to curriculum and resources, intensive training, and ongoing support, all while pushing toward the highest standards of instructional excellence.   


You believe that schools should uplift their communities.

  • Inside the classroom, our teachers know that parents are key partners in each child’s education.  Beyond the classroom, our community and parent affairs team plays an active role in strengthening the neighborhoods and communities that surround our schools.  From parent trainings to resource fairs to helping meet the basic needs of students and families, we are committed to helping build the village that our students and families need. 


You are unapologetic about all kids receiving a world-class education.  

  • At NPFE we are proud of our results, but we know that the work is far from over. We will not rest until academic excellence and the highest levels of achievement are the norm across our network.  


If this sounds like you, we welcome you to a New Paradigm For Education

Check out opportunities and apply below. For questions contact-

Rachele DiMeglio Adam

Senior Managing Director, Talent Innovation

New Paradigm For Education

We are interviewing and hiring for the following roles:


Please note that current teachers and individuals who have already interviewed with us or received an offer from New Paradigm for Education Schools do not need to apply. This application system is solely for new applicants.

Please do not hesitate to call (313) 833-1100 ext#. 1222 or email with any questions.