Technology Request Form

Basic Information

Student Information


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Terms and Conditions for Device Loan (REQUIRED)

By submitting this request, I acknowledge that I have read, understood, and agree to the following terms and conditions of this program:

  • I understand that this equipment is to be used solely for my classes/educational purposes
  • I understand that I must be enrolled at a New Paradigm School and must return this equipment upon dropping/withdrawal from the school
  • I understand that I am responsible for the care and safety of the equipment
  • I understand that this is a loaner device and cannot be transferred or sold
  • I understand that I must return the equipment unless I intend to continue my child's enrollment at the school
  • I agree to waive and release any claims against New Paradigm and its Schools; their respective employees, officers, directors, agents, and affiliates (Releasees) from any claims, causes of action, injuries, damages, known or unknown, arising out of my possession and use of the equipment, and to hold harmless in any third party action arising from my possession and use of said equipment. I agree that this waiver, release and hold harmless provision applies to my heirs, relatives, agents, and assigns.

Please be advised DEPSA, College Prep, Glazer, Loving and University Yes have limited resources to issue devices to families at this time.

Any device that has a browser and an Internet connection can access the Google Platform and APEX Learning. Your school's Technology Staff can assist you with how to effectively use these devices by submitting a Tech Support Ticket at

If a student withdraws from any NPFE Schools (DEPSA, College Prep, Glazer, Loving, and University Yes) program the equipment (Laptop) must be returned within 24 hours. If a parent/student fails to return the equipment (Laptop) with all of the components in which it came with they will be charged the cost of $400.00 or charges will be filed to the fullest extend of the law. In addition, we will use all available resources to recoup any losses. i.e. a Police Report will be filed as a Theft if the item is not returned and information will be added to their credit report.

In the event the equipment loaned to me is damaged, lost, or stolen I will be held liable for the replacement of such equipment (Laptop) at the current replacement cost less the current value of such equipment. To further define a (Laptop) loaned to me with a value of $400.00 and a replacement cost of $400.00 plus shipping; I will be responsible for the offset of this cost of $400.00.

When possible we will only issue 1 Device to those families with the greatest need while Devices are available.